Top Phos, TIMAC in the PRESS

TIMAC AGRO UK IN THE PRESS, TAKE A LOOK!  👇 Crop Production Magazine Crop Production... View Article


CalseaZinc Testimonial, Devon UK

“I have used the Zinc blocks for 2 years now, I’m now using them for... View Article


Pinkstart Testimonial, Gloucester UK

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Adam Oakes, Pendewey Farm

Humistart: The Humistart product was a great benefit to us as has aided with neutralizing... View Article


PinKstart: The Best Start For Oilseed Rape

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Mullacott Alapacas

Scenario: Sand floor Barn. Current sand went down in September 2021 (about 4-6 inch depth... View Article


Organic Dairy Park Mill Farm (Testimonial)

Organic Dairy Park Mill Farm in Thornbury Gloucester has been using Timac for 4 years... View Article


P W Keen and Sons Chilcote Manor Farm

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D Blanch Poplar Farm

  Q1.Introduce Your company D Blanch Poplar Farm (Lattrudge holstein) Q2. Where do they sell... View Article


Lady Charlotte Steel

A great testimonial from Lady Charlotte Steel, a former GB team member. ”Loughnatousa Romeo, 2012... View Article