P W Keen and Sons Chilcote Manor Farm

Q1.Introduce Your company

P W Keen and Sons Chilcote Manor Farm

Q2. Where do they sell their product?

Arla and Tesco.

Q3. What Solutions do they use in a normal year:

Nitram, Compound fertiliser, and after cut on my silage.

Q4. What Timac Solutions do they use?

Actisan Bedding treatment.

Q5. Why did they use the solution?

I was recommended it by Mole Valley as I was suffering from mastitis within my heard.

Q6. What have they seen as a result?

I still get a very small amount of cases about 6 in 100 but nowhere near what I was and these cases are all when the cattle are out in the fields and we can’t do much about this.

Q7. Would you recommend Timac Agro?

Yes, I would recommend Timac any day of the week.

Q8. What is the biggest challenge facing you as a farm currently?

The cost of inputs, environmental issues such as reducing carbon footprint and the disappearing single farm payment.