Q1.Introduce Your company

D Blanch Poplar Farm (Lattrudge holstein)

Q2. Where do they sell their product?

Milk through Selkley Vale Milk and meat goes to Sedgemore market. 

Q3. What Solutions do they use in a normal year:

Physiostart on their maze, Sulfammo on 1st cut than straight nitram for the rest. 

Q4. What Timac Solutions do they use?

Physiostart on 45A Maize, Sulfammo on the 1st cut. 

Q5. Why did they use the solution?

They did a trial against DAP and found the root structure of the plant was massively improved with the Physiostart and you could see the plant was greener meaning a better quality of the plant.              

Q6. What have they seen as a result?

Better root structure

Greener plants

Better quality feed 

Q7. Would you recommend Timac Agro?

Yes, I would be more than happy to.

Their maze has won 1st prize at the Barkley Agg Show for the last 2 years it has been held both whists using Physiostart. 

Q8. What is the biggest challenge facing you as a farm currently?

Cost of inputs so they are having to cut back and make sure they do things properly. Won’t be doing anything just encase this year.