Mullacott Alapacas

Scenario: Sand floor Barn. Current sand went down in September 2021 (about 4-6 inch depth in the fouling areas). Poo gets removed daily, this removes some sand and so wheelbarrows of sand are added as required. We did one month on the recommended amount, (100gm/SqM) sprinkled daily. We did one half of the main wee/poo area, leaving the other area with just poo picking. After one month we then did another month of treating the whole area with recommended amount per metre.

“Initially I didn’t think Actisan was making a difference, but after a couple of weeks it became clear that the sand in the treated area looked and smelt better than the sand in the other areas, used as a toilet by the alpacas. We now use it in all the areas in the barns that the alpacas use as a toilet, and are delighted with the difference it makes. Although we can spread the soiled sand on the fields, there is a significant cost in replacing it and this is going to save us time and money with less frequent sand renewal being needed”

– Kate Brooks, Mullacott Alapacas

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