Adam Oakes, Pendewey Farm


The Humistart product was a great benefit to us as has aided with neutralizing our PH and making the grass more palatable for our cattle. The Humistart claims to unlock nutrients from the ground by assisting with organic matter breakdown, this is key to getting flavour into our meat which is what we want as we are selling this locally based on quality not quantity. This is the first time we have added this to our ground as we would normally use regular fertilisers and although growth is not the same as adding nitrogen in terms of quantity the grass is certainly healthier and contains a better base leaf which is great for our grazing and shows that there is activity present from its application.

Calsea Digest Blocks:

The Calsea digest blocks were recommended to us as an all-round application as we were not lacking anything specific in our samples when tested. They were promoted as aiding in the digestion of forage and this has certainly helped, we only applied during winter as the cattle are in and eating haylage as opposed to fresh forage. It was certainly noticeable that when compared to the year prior to using these the amount of feed being left in the trough was significantly less and also assisted with boredom from being shut in. the only negative was the additional amount of urine produced meaning a slightly more frequent bedding operation.

Adam Oakes, Pendewey Farm, Cornwall.


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