NPK solution with Micro-Nutrients

A general purpose foliar biostimulant formulate for use in many crops including potatoes, salads and horticultural cropping

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Seactiv Complex
    - Enhances root development, nutrient absorption and nutrient movement within the plant
    - Increases the homogeneity (evenness) of crops through delayed senescence “Stay Green Effect”
    - Optimises leaf photosynthesis while also ensuring homogenous fertilisation, flowering and quality of fruit/grain yield
    - Phyto-hormones, increases tolerance to plant stresses whilst boosting plant physiological processes
  • NPK
    - Improves protein content
    - Improves sugar content
    - Enhances plant growth

    - Improves plant root growth
    - Provides energy for plant processes

    - Essential for plant growth and quality
    - Improves nitrogen uptake, plant strength, winter hardiness and reduces effect of drought
  • Trace Elements
    Trace elements are important for:
    - Plant Growth (e.g. Boron, Zinc, Manganese)
    - Plant Quality and Disease Resistance (e.g. Copper, Boron, Zinc)


Can 10 l


For use on potatoes, salads and horticultural crops at an application rate of 3 - 8 L / ha depending on the crop.
The recommendations are to be used as a guideline only. Please consult your local Timac Agro Advisor for a detailed recommendation based on your specific farm needs.