Enhanced Phased Release Nitrogen with Magnesium and Sulphur for Improved Yield and Quality

Sulfammo 26 is contains N Process technology, which is unique to Timac Agro. Each granule of fertiliser is manufactured using a patented technology that allows the nitrogen in the fertiliser to be phased released based on optimum growing conditions (high temperatures and soil moisture). This phased release of nitrogen will reduce losses and increase nitrogen efficiency. N-Process Nitrogens contain a biostimulant that allows uptake and utilisation of nitrates and improves the transformation of nitrate into proteins reducing nitrate build-up in the leaf.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • N-Process Nitrogen

    - Protected, phased release nitrogen, ensuring nitrogen is available throughout the growing season for the crop.
    - Improves protein production, enhances plant growth
    - Does not scorch when applied to tender crops
    - Increases green leaf area
  • Sulphur
    - Increases Nitrogen uptake
    - Improves Protein content in the crop
    - Increases Dry Matter content
    - Increases crop yield
  • Magnesium
    - Improves photosynthesis, reducing Nitrates in the leaf
    - Important constituent of Chlorophyll for "plant greeness" during vegetative growth stages
    - Improves Phosphorus uptake in the plant - increasing energy within the plant
  • Marine Calcium
    - Improves soil structure
    - Provides essential plant nutrients
    - Balances high magnesium and loosen soil structure
    - Keeps product pH neutral - reduced liming over time


Big bag 600 kg


For use in grass, arable and horticulture systems at an application rate of 250 - 600 kg / ha (100 - 250 kg / ac)
The recommendations are to be used as a guideline only. Please consult your local Timac Agro Advisor for a detailed recommendation based on your specific farm needs.