Sulfammo N-Process

Efficiency and soil health from your fertiliser

Sulfammo is a slow-release, soil conditioning source of nitrogen with added N-process technology to protect your investment.

  • Due to our formulation and manufacturing process the Nitrogen is protected against leaching and volatilisation to give up to 80% efficiency in the field.
  • This Nitrogen is released on demand from the target crop to significantly increase efficiency of supply.
  • A combination of Humates and our patented N-Pro biostimulant increase nutrient availability, uptake and processing within the crop to give a healthier crop and soil for sustainable production gains.


  • No nitrate-protects clover
  • Trace elements for increased animal health and fertility
  • Humates to boost soil health and activity-‘free’ N from Organic matter Healthy soil=Healthy Plant
  • Nitrogen protection molecular so no residue or adverse effect on soil bacteria.
  • Low crop scorch potential for top-dressing
  • stimulated N&S uptake to give higher proteins and increased yield


  • Southern England Farms, who grow over 2000ha of Brassicas Cornwall, particularly your Christmas dinner Cauliflower!
  • They have used Sulfammo 26 as a top dressing of nitrogen for the last 3 years as it lasts longer, doesn’t damage the crop & helps to produce a healthy, even crop for harvest.

Put your trust in Timac Agro

 At Timac Agro, we all share the same outlook: moving agriculture forward in a sustainable way. This commitment is what drives us to constantly innovate to provide you with high-performance solutions such as Sulfammo.

We are constantly innovating to offer agronomic and animal nutrition/welfare solutions that improve agricultural performance in an environmentally friendly way.