Q1. Introduce Your company (Where they are, what they do, size of operation).

Rectory farm Yatton, They have 180H land over multiple sites and have Beef sheep and turkeys.

Q2. Where do they sell their Produce?

The turkeys are sold on-site the sheep are sold direct to Tesco and the Beef is sold at the farmers market in Sedgemore.

Q3. What solutions do they use in a normal year (fertiliser)?

He was just putting straight Nitrogen on the Grassland.

Q4. What Timac Solution did they use?

He has used Humistart now and will be adding Sulfammo in the autumn. Also Actisan for the turkey housing.

Q5. Why did they use that Solution?

To improve the health of his soils and increase the palatability of the grass. Also, he is looking to be more regenerative in the approach he is taking with the farm.

Q6. What have they seen as a result?

Decrease in the number of tufts in the fields meaning the sheep are grazing more of the land.

Q7. Would you recommend Timac to other farmers?

Yes with no issue

Q8. What is the biggest challenge facing you as a farm currently?

The current trade deals lowering the cost of meat.