Nutrigrass N20 N-Process

The cheapest source of feed. 

Despite the current challenges faced, well-managed, good quality grass remains the most cost-efficient feed on farm.

Whilst cutting inputs may save you money, your long-term outputs will most likely be negatively affected.

Shortfalls in the nutritional value of your grass will require bought-in feed to make these up, increasing costs in the long term.


Benefits of Nutrigrass N20 use to your livestock:  

  • Increased protein production
  • Increased Daily Live Weight Gain
  • Increased Milk Produce
  • Improved animal health and fertility
  • More efficient grazing, less rejection

Grass is a vital part of any livestock enterprise and remains the most dominant and economic feed for the dairy, beef, and sheep sectors.

Grassland nutrition is key 

Nutrigrass N20 is specifically formulated for grazing ground, early spreading can result in:

  • Reduced leaching
  • Improved soil health
  • Increased dry matter content
  •  Increased palatability
  • Enhanced Plant Growth

A new technology Nitrogen fertiliser, featuring our unique N-process technology – an innovative process which improves nitrogen nutrition efficiency.

The phased release of nitrogen ensures availability throughout the growing season of the crop according to the plant’s needs – reducing losses and increasing efficiency

Put your trust in Timac Agro

At Timac Agro, we all share the same outlook: moving agriculture forward in a sustainable way. This commitment is what drives us to constantly innovate to provide you with high-performance solutions such as Nutrigrass.

We are constantly innovating to offer agronomic and animal nutrition/welfare solutions that improve agricultural performance in an environmentally friendly way.