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About the company

Timac Agro has been supporting farmers to protect and improve soil health for over 60 years. Initially specialising in soil conditioners, Timac’s product and service range has evolved to include fertilisers, biostimulants, and animal health products. Supported by a proven product portfolio, there is a nationwide team of experts to give advice to farmers to help enterprises transition to more sustainable farm practices.

Think different, farm better

Farming focuses have changed in the last few years, led by reforms to support payments and environmental pressures.

This has resulted in growers adopting a more holistic approach to farming practices.

David Newton, Timac Agro UK technical manager, says although daunting, a change in focus poses a big opportunity.

“Ultimately, to get more from the land we need to look below the crop to ensure we’re providing a solid infrastructure, to boost both yield and performance.

“To maximise results it’s vital to identify what’s right for your soil and adapt to the challenges you face.”

Therefore, it is important to start by assessing the current situation, by analysing soil sample results and by creating a realistic action plan.

How to assess your situation

Step 1: Grab a spade

The first step to creating an action plan is to grab a spade and dig a hole. Take time to look at the soil by looking at key indicator signs, such as, is there a high worm population? Is the soil consolidated or aerated? What does the structure look like? At the same time take a soil sample and get it analysed at the lab for pH and wider nutrient profiling.

Step 2: Sample testing

The results of the soil test will give a good indication of what we’re working with nutritionally in that specific field. We can then develop a bespoke nutrition plan to support the soil. The main goal here is to improve the soil’s resilience for the future and adapt to the changes that are occurring.

Step 3: Creating a soil health plan

Following the soil sample results, the Timac team will make recommendations based on a whole farm approach. This can include implementing a new input regime, incorporating a soil conditioner to optimise the soil health of the field. It may also include practical management advice, such as integrating a rotational grazing structure in grass fields. We would also look to adopt new technologies, such as biostimulants, to improve the ability of the crop to deal with stresses.

How to work with Timac

The Timac team aspire to work with farmers on a long-term basis, to allow them to make continuous positive improvements to businesses. If you are interested in gaining full-circle insight into your soil and plant health and maximising productivity, get in touch with Timac Agro by visiting

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