Calseagrass: Your livestock deserves more than a simple mineral block.

With 8 herbal and Garlic extracts, refined and specifically selected for:

  • Natural Fly repellent and internal parasite suppression (over 25% reduction in FEC)
  • Naturally lowers worm burden
  • Formulated to provide trace elements lacking in summer pasture

Feed supplement blocks based around salt deliver a more economical solution to livestock farmers as, unlike molasses, ruminants have a need for a distinct amount of salt. So once they have enough they will stop taking the block. We formulate our blocks to deliver the needs of the animal in each situation alongside this demand, so the block delivers supplementary minerals, rumen balance and stimulation along with our patented technology without over-supplying and wasting the resource. Using Timac Blocks delivers cost-effective solutions and real improvements in animal health and productivity.

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