Increasing the Performance of your crops this season

  • Interested in maize feed quality, improved establishment and higher starch levels?
  • Questions on how to improve potato tuber quality and increase bulking?
  • Identify how to: Increase nutrient availability. Improve tolerance to stressful conditions. Promote Meristematic growth.

Introducing one of only Homologated Biostimulant ranges in the UK

TIMAC AGRO UK product Manager David Newton hosted a webinar, which introduces the benefits of including these biostimulants in your production systems.
The focus is on results obtained in Maize and Potatoes, but the benefits of using biostimulants are universal and relevant to any crop in the UK.
David introduces you to the patented technologies found only in TIMAC AGRO Biostimulants, Fertiactyl and Seactiv.

Full recording and presentation slides available

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